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A Parish Is Built of Living Stones


Updated September 28, 2018:
As you know by now, we are planning to build a new church.  After months of study, prayer and congregational conversations, the Building Committee, Parish Council, Finance Council, and Parish Staff unanimously believe it would better serve our present and future needs to build new.

We've uploaded some ARCHTECTURAL RENDERINGS of the proposed church so that you may take a virtual tour.


Pastor's Remarks


Executive Summary

Complete Assessment w/Photos

Finance Council Statement

Parish Council Statement

Steering Committee Names

Finance Council Names

Parish Council Names

Building Process Meetings

Greer Stafford Architects

Calendar of Listening Sessions



Why does this need to be done at this time?

The main building of the parish was built to the standards of the mid 1970's. After having been renovated and added onto numerous times, it has reached the end of its planned lifetime of 40 years.
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What will happen to the statues and other devotional items from the church?

We will work to incorporate the statues and art from the current building into the new structure.
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My family helped to build this church how will their work be honored?

What makes Risen Savior the parish that it is will not change. The venue and the worship space itself has changed over the years, but the parish will always hold and cherish the vision that it was founded upon.
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What is a catechetical listening session?

It is an opportunity for the community to come together and learn. In this instance, we will be learning about the who, what, when, why and how of our worship space.
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Do I need to attend all 11 listening sessions?

The short answer is no, and yes. No, each session can stand independently. Yes, each session will build upon the previous one(s).
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Are listening sessions only for those in ministry?

No. The listening sessions are for everyone in our parish community.
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How will the staff of the parish be involved in the process?

The staff is here to assist the pastor and parishioners. They will be asked for their input, just as the parishioners will be asked for theirs.
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What are the best ways to support this project?

The best way to support this project is to pray the Holy Spirit guide us. Once you've prayed, attend the listening sessions.
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If we do end up building a new church, what will happen to the Marian and Youth Centers?

They will remain, but will need to receive safety, structural, electrical, and HVAC modifications.
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Are we relocating the parish?

The parish remains where it is.
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What is the document "Built of Living Stone"?

The bishops of the United States wrote the document "Built of Living Stone" to teach the faithful on matters of church art and architecture. It reflects our understanding and elements of the liturgy, of the worship space itself, and the needs of the community.
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